Why Ben Carson?

The author, Rev. Edward Rowe, B.A., Th.M., D.D., is founder and president of Christian Mandate for America, Inc., a non-profit educational and charitable corporation. Dr. Rowe's career activities have included years of pastoral services with a strong focus on administration and radio outreach. Five years of his pastoral work were spent at the 4200 member Church of the Open Door in L.A.

Here, Rev. Rowe examines Dr. Ben Carson's credentials for President with clarity, insight and bold language.

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Dr. Ben Carson and straight talk


 By Rev. James Hodge




It has been proven that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If you are accustomed to viewing the news, a politician hardly ever gives a straight answer to a question; they like to put “spin” on the answer, so that it is not really an answer at all. I would like to introduce you to Dr. Ben Carson. If you hunger for straight answers on the important issues facing America today, just visit the website “RunBenRun” and view his answers to solutions needed on every major issue you can think of. Dr. Carson is not afraid to speak his mind; he doesn’t worry about “political correctness”; his solutions are common sense and sincere. His love for America implores him to speak the truth and try to get us back on track to once again being the greatest nation on earth.    



America has drifted away from the founding principles that have made us great. We have allowed a liberal philosophy of political correctness to curtail our boldness to speak the truth, no matter the cost. From being the most productive nation on earth, we have become an importer of almost all our goods. Dr. Carson believes we must once again stress the importance of excellence in our educational system; from grade school all the way through college. Through hard work, an excellent education and our belief in God, we can return to the greatness this country once knew.

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Could the new AP United States History curriculum destroy American values?

Dr. Benjamin Carson recently quipped in a speech that after studying the new APUSH material, it would make American students want to go and join ISIS. How could that be?

By Dennis Jamison

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How well do you know your candidates' positions?

Jack Meyer comments on Ben Carson's advocacy of voters having a much better understanding of why they vote for individuals, and suggests, agreeing with Dr. Carson, that voting for anyone without knowing what policies he stands for is a pretty sure way to ultimately regret your vote.

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A Way Back to America

The Fairfax Free Citizen's recent series of articles by Slavko Martyniuk about the emergence of Neo-Communism in the United States inspired Kathleen Hall to take stock in where America is now and where it is going. Her belief in America's future revolves around Dr. Ben Carson's possible candidacy for the presidency. Like the Fairfax Free Citizen, we encourage all citizens to assess the vectors of your communities, states and federal government and to support paths forward that lead to a "new birth of liberty", as Ms. Hall has done in her article below.

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"Goodman: Dr. Carson Has Experience, Character For White House Presidency"

By Neil W. McCabe


A Clinton, Maryland neurosurgeon, who knows Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., and has worked with him, spoke to Human Events about his fellow neurosurgeon, who is regularly polling as one of the top contenders for the GOP nomination for president.

"In working with Dr. Carson and discussing him with other doctors who have worked directly with him in caring for patients, it's clear he is among the most respected and trusted physicians in the country", said Dr. Stuart J. Goodman, who has served as the president of The Southern Medical Association since November. "Beyond his skill as a surgeon, it is his character that defines Carson", he said. Carson retired from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. "His peers view him as a caring and compassionate individual who is capable of making tough decisions, communicating with patients and colleagues", he said. "Most importantly, he is a man of his word, who thinks clearly and acts decisively- important qualities for any physician or any president".

Goodman, who practices in affiliation with the MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, where he leads both the facility's Stroke Center and the Neurology Division, said the movement to draft Dr. Carson as a presidential candidate is not a passing fancy, as shown by the more than $8 million it has raised (ed.: over $10 million today). It is more than was raised by the movement to draft Hillary R. Clinton, the former Secretary of State, he said.

In the September 26 Values Voters Summit straw poll, conducted by the Washington-based Family Research Council, the summit's organizer, Carson finished second to Senator E. Raphael "Ted" Cruz ( R. Texas) in the presidential poll, 25% to 20%. But, the surgeon beat Cruz 22% to 16% in the vice presidential preference. Goodman,who has been practicing medicine for 37 years, said despite the grassroots support for Carson and the money raised so far, the GOP establishment continues to downplay Carson's chances to win.

"Political insiders are already pointing to his background as a neurosurgeon in an attempt to disqualify him from office. In fact, a physician like Dr. Carson is exactly the kind of politician America needs right now", he said. "As a neurosurgeon, Carson has had to make immediate and frequently very tough decisions under stress in potentially life-threatening situations. He has shown the capacity to be decisive. As a department chairman he was also involved in the business side of medicine", said the Auburn University MBA holder. "As a fellow physician, I can attest to the fact that medicine at times seems to be more about running a business than providing medical care", he said. "Carson did both, very effectively running a financially efficient and effective unit consisting not only of physicians, but nursing staff and others. He had to have and did have a cohesive team working together for a common goal."

Carson's leadership was honed as he continued to be recognized as the best neurosurgeon in the world. "In today's political landscape, it's next to impossible to find a leader driven not by political ambitions, but by the desire to see this country reach its true potential", he said. "From very humble beginnings, Carson recognized the greatness and capacity of this country".

Raised in poverty in Detroit to eventually become director of the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgery unit, he knows what hard work, dedication and caring can do for individuals and communities. "Carson possesses the leadership skills necessary to execute the office of the President of the United States", he said. "His own background, his critical decision-making skills, and his compassion for the sick and hurting make him a great candidate for president.  Unlike so many who will eventually enter the race for president, Carson has experienced the value of hard work, possesses the intricate skills of a world-class neurosurgeon and the caring heart of a physician who longs to see his patients healthy and prosperous", he said. " Those characteristics will transfer well to the office of president".

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National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee Names Chairs For All 99 Iowa Counties

Merrifield, Va. — Oct. 20, 2014 — The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, a political action committee formed to draft Dr. Ben Carson into the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, announced today that it has organized 136 chairmen covering all 99 counties in Iowa.

“Establishing chairs in all 99 Iowa counties is a benchmark few presidential campaigns reach,” said Vernon Robinson, the Committee’s campaign director. “Achieving this goal a full 15 months prior to the 2016 Iowa Caucus shows that Dr. Carson is a strong contender for the Republican nomination.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Dr. Carson’s impressive second-place finish in the Bloomberg/Des Moines Register presidential poll of likely caucus-goers. Dr. Carson scored an overwhelming victory in the Polk County Republican Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa, in August, and won the Linn County, Iowa, midterm caucus straw poll in January. He also won the Western Conservative Summit Presidential Straw Poll held in July in Denver, Colorado.

“Dr. Carson’s character and strong message resonate with Iowans and Americans everywhere,” Iowa co-chair Dr. Christina Taylor remarked. “Patriots all across Iowa and the country are joining the Draft Ben Carson movement and we are thrilled to have energetic chairs in all 99 counties here.”

“This is a tremendous milestone for the committee and we are excited to be working with such great grassroots activists in Iowa,” said John Philip Sousa IV, co-founder and national chairman of the Committee. “With Dr. Carson moving closer and closer to running, it’s important that he see Americans are not only clamoring for him to run, but that they’re also willing to put in the necessary work to see him elected.”

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Demetrius Minor: "Ten Things every Black American Should Know About Dr. Ben Carson Before Forming Any Opinion of Him"

Demetrius Minor recently wrote a very informative article called "Ten Things every Black American Should Know About Dr. Ben Carson Before Forming Any Opinion of Him". It was excellent, but Dr. Carson is going to have a time convincing portions of the Black community that he has their backs, notwithstanding the fact that he does.

Most folks don't realize how much long-term damage Liberal policies do, or how long and hard Conservatives have fought against slavery, against Jim Crow, and for the Civil Rights Act, with Progressives dragging their feet every inch of the way (the Congressional Record is a fascinating resource!). MLK was a Republican, as were most Blacks before him. When Liberals expanded the welfare system, minority opinion went from Red to Blue: yes, there were great needs out there, and who doesn't want free money? Unfortunately, the Conservatives were right: a new form of slavery arose which has massive numbers of Blacks and Latinos stuck in holes they can't get out of.

It's a fact that Blacks as a demographic were moving forward consistently, especially after WWII until the mid-sixties and the expanded welfare policies, at which time economic progress virtually halted for many. A factor was the demise of the Black American family, once considered virtually indestructible: a travesty that community has never fully recovered from. The dysfunction from that, always fueled by outside agitators, allows those communities to completely lose sight of the fact that with an education our Blacks and Latinos (remember the Jaime Escalante story?) have in essence the same chances for success as everybody else. If you have a good education and a can-do attitude, you are a marketable commodity, period. It's time to kick out the outside agitators and to work toward a goal: a good education for all and a firm resolve toward building a better life.

Some form of welfare will always be available for the truly needy (barring economic collapse), but we must all begin the process anew, like the Carson brothers did, of working hard to better ourselves through education and perseverance.

Dr. Carson would also say that God honors those who honor Him. Ben Carson's faith was a prime factor in turning his life around. The results are there to see. I think this extraordinary man would do a remarkable job of leading our nation out of crisis and into strength. Listen to him!


ref. www.ijreview.com/2014/10/182576-ben-carson-rest-black-america/


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National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee Raises $3.3 Million in 3rd Quarter of 2014

Surpasses $10 million mark with more than 20,000 volunteers and 100,000 donors nationwide clamoring for Dr. Carson to run for president.

Merrifield, Va. — Oct. 15, 2014 — The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, a political action committee formed to draft Dr. Ben Carson into the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, announced today that it raised more than $3.3 million in the third quarter of 2014.

“Thousands of Americans believe that Dr. Carson is the best hope for our country, and are showing overwhelming support for him to run for the GOP nomination in the 2016,” said Vernon Robinson, the Committee’s campaign director. “Legions of supporters are signing the petition for him to run for president and are contributing to the effort because they want a president who is principled, honest and caring. The great success of the draft effort is a testament to our belief that it is Dr. Carson who is best equipped to heal our country.”

Since its inception in August 2013, the Committee has raised more than $10.5 million, from more than 100,000 individual donors. The committee now has more than 20,000 volunteers nationwide.

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed petitions encouraging Dr. Carson to enter the race for the presidential nomination. The Committee delivers roughly 4,000 of these petitions to Dr. Carson each week.

“The tremendous support for Dr. Carson is even more important as we near the mid-term elections,” said John Philip Sousa IV, national chairman of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee. “Dr. Carson has said he will listen to the clamor of those who want him to run, and is closer to making a decision about running for the GOP presidential nomination. We hope that our continued efforts will achieve that goal.”

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A time for a different approach

By Jack Meyer


When considering Dr. Ben Carson as a presidential candidate, some people have an "it can't be done because it's never been done before" mentality. If ever there was a time for a different approach to electing a leader, now is it! Our nation has never been in such a mess before. Politicians (yes, under the leadership of Barak Obama) have created a huge mess. People won't talk to each other. They won't work together, even when they have stated common goals (i.e.tax reform) because they are afraid the other party might get some political benefit of progress being made. While this is going on, our nation's debt spirals out of control, our Commander-in-Chief is ignoring his generals and has offered a tepid response to ISIS who is wreaking havoc in the Middle East and has become the most wealthy terrorist group in the history of the world. ISIS is also determined to destroy the West, especially the United States of America. Of course we can mention the porous southern border, deteriorating public trust and confidence in government, and on and on. I'm sure a few other problems will come to the reader's mind and I will leave those for them to develop for themselves.

Some believe that Ben Carson has demonstrated political inexperience by making controversial statements. In our politically correct society, anything a person says that is not in line with Leftist thinking is considered controversial. Carson is a brilliant man and I am sure most of those statements are well thought out and intended to wake people up to what is happening with our country. Carson has been very clear that he wants to get rid of the divisiveness and rancor and that he would bring people together to get things done, as Reagan did.

Many are looking for the right politician to lead us out of the problems we face. Politicians are not the answer. We can vote Senator Cruz into the presidency and still have a stalemated government because he will take with him the same "my way or the highway" mentality that President Obama has.

We had better hope and pray that Ben Carson runs and that he wins. He may be our last hope in saving our nation.

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Big Government doesn't work

by Jack Meyer

As I watched President Obama's interview on 60 Minutes, I was taken aback by his rosy words about how wonderful our economy is doing. He acknowledged that not everyone is feeling the wonderful economic times and gave his simple solution for that small problem. Let's raise the minimum wage and have the government spend more money on infrastructure projects.

Unfortunately, those in America who are not paying attention believe that is a wonderful solution. When you begin to apply logic to the formula, it breaks down very quickly. Companies can't afford to raise wages as significantly as suggested, so they will lay enough people off to get their costs in line. It's great for the few that remain but now the government must pay out unemployment instead of building infrastructure projects.  The other solution for the company is to raise prices. Everybody pays more and now, not only does the new higher wage not buy any more than the old wage used to, but companies have to pay more for non-labor items as well.  The money they pay out for higher prices cannot be used to grow the business and hire more people. Of course having the government spend more on infrastructure problems requires that taxes be raised, which reduces employee's take-home pay and feeds the negative cycle described above as companies pay higher taxes.

Fortunately, Dr. Carson applies logic to issues that  America faces. He has clearly stated that the only way for economic success to be felt by everyone is to stimulate business growth in America. He has discussed many ways to do that. We can eliminate taxes on money that businesses have made overseas and already paid taxes on so they can bring that money back and invest in growing their businesses here. That drives more and better jobs.

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In my 73+ years Dr. Carson is the first and only potential candidate for whom I've volunteered. Here's why.

Submitted by Jerry Harman


To the readers, most of whom are probably familiar with Dr. Benjamin Carson, M.D., world renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon, but would like to know more about him, his political and moral views, and his well-honed leadership skills, I want to draw your attention to the very real possibility that Dr. Carson will be convinced by the extraordinary efforts of over 17,000 volunteers who are working hard to convince him to run for the presidency in 2016. First of all I would like to make the readers aware that Dr. Carson retired in June 2013 as Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins after spending more than half of his life performing surgeries, several never having been done before, that improved the lives of many, many children and those of their families.

Second, and also very important, I would suggest that readers take the opportunity to read Dr. Carson's two most recent best-selling books, "America the Beautiful, Rediscovering What Made this Nation Great" and "One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America's Future", both of which spell out in great detail his views on current events as well as his political and moral views. His life story and his seemingly "magical" surgical skills were featured in the movie, "Gifted Hands", starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. and based on the book by the same name.

Dr. Carson is a man of uncommon character, integrity and faith, and his speeches are from the heart. He grew up in inner city Detroit and was raised by a single mother. She had only attended school into the third grade and so was, herself, semi-literate. He started his early school years as a poor student with a bad attitude. His mother, however, not wanting him or his brother to grow up to live in the same kind of conditions in which they were living, turned off the T.V. and ordered him and his brother to read two books a week from the Detroit Public Library and to submit written book reports to her, though they didn't realize she couldn't read them. Soon, the "future" Dr. Carson began to love reading and learning. He finished third in his high school class, went on to Yale, and then to the University of Michigan Medical School. At the age of 33, he became Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical School, certainly one of, if not the best, medical schools in the world. He retired in 2013 at the age of 62, widely considered to be the world's best pediatric neurosurgeon. 

Dr. Carson believes in a free market economy in which people would be able to determine their own value and capabilities. As for job creation, Dr. Carson believes that the more we groom our youth for success, the more we secure their futures and the future of America. Regarding unions, Dr. Carson believes that they were essential in their beginnings because of the need for fair wages and reasonable working conditions. Today's union leaders, Dr. Carson believes, are "strangling the goose that laid the golden egg".

Regarding the issue of taxes, Dr. Carson compares his vision of taxation with the Biblical concept of tithing. He points out that the concept of proportionality " simplifies things to the point where we don't need complex agencies such as the IRS". In regard to abortion, Dr. Carson believes that young women should be given easy access to adoption services and assistance   should they decide to keep their babies. He is adamantly against abortion for the sake of "convenience".

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Is Dr. Carson's faith in creation more rational than belief in evolution?

Author Jack Meyer writes:

The following is a response to an article that questioned Dr. Ben Carson's credibility for being a believer in Creationism.


Thank you for introducing your readers to Dr. Carson. Unfortunately, your political bias has caused you to frame much of the article with half-truths. You criticize the man for being a Christian. Only in the past ten years has that been something that the Left uses in an effort to disqualify someone from being taken seriously.

To embrace the theory of evolution takes as much faith as it does to believe in creation. A LAW OF SCIENCE states that things left to themselves "tend to go from order to disorder". If a person finds a smart phone in the woods, who doesn't check to see who made the phone? Is it an iPhone? A Samsung? Nobody thinks that the phone evolved over time. Rather, if it were there for a long time it would deteriorate and ultimately would not function at all. How much faith does it take to believe that the most complex ecosystem and system of life imaginable just happened to evolve by itself from some amoeba?

Cherry-picking supposedly controversial things Dr. Carson says without any attempt to explain his meaning (which he has clearly stated many times for every comment cited) is dishonest. I challenge your readers to do their objective research on Ben Carson. Those who do will find he is a very intelligent man who loves the nation and has very clear and logical ideas for getting us out of this downhill funk that we are in. They will also find a man who refuses to be silenced by those who use "political correctness" as a way to shut people up. The first amendment assures people the right to express their opinions. Not only that, if people can't honestly speak and listen to one another, how are we ever going to work together to rescue our nation from the bankrupting path it's on? Check out his book One Nation to fully understand Ben Carson.


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"If you have knowledge people need, they won't beat you, they will beat a path to your door." Dr. Ben Carson

  • Find the interest earned on a $900 note at 8%, after 2 years, 2 months and 6 days.
  • The Kongo basin is smaller than the Amazon. Why is it more important?
  • Describe why the Atlantic Coast is colder than the Pacific at the same latitude. What causes rain? Why do deserts have little rain?

Got a clue? Me neither, but those questions were all from eighth grade tests in Kansas, West Virginia and Massachusetts in the 19th and 20th centuries. Students of all colors and stripes were expected to pass them, and the vast majority did. Most American second graders, in the 1830s, according to Alexis de Tocqueville, could already read and write well.

Today most college graduates would flunk those tests. What happened? Liberalism happened. Democrats- in the name of what they now call "social justice"- took over public education.

It's a common misconception that one political party is more caring and more responsive to the needs of the poor and the middle class; the opposite is actually the case. In fact, low income Black and Hispanic neighborhoods are the most victimized by government edicts, stifling regulations and manipulation by powerful special interests. When high tax rates drive jobs overseas, when the public schools fail to educate even those they graduate, when the "wrong" kind of energy suppliers are forced out of business, costing jobs and sending gas prices and home heating rates soaring for the families that can afford them the least-  that's caring?

No, that's exploiting. It's patronizing. It's assuming that the most vulnerable among us will keep falling for the same tired, failed policies and the same empty promises from politicians who disappear when the election is over. It's counting on them not noticing that while they're getting hurt by their nice-sounding policies, the political cronies and union bosses get the benefits and cushy jobs while the poor and disadvantaged get...what? Abortions, welfare (if the child's father doesn't live with them), lousy schools and public defenders.

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RBR Intervenes in NC, LA Senate Races

(Scroll to the bottom to listen to the ads)

National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee (NDBC) announced today that it will start running three radio advertisements in Louisiana and North Carolina to support the Republican candidates in their efforts to win U.S. Senate seats.

The Committee has made a decision to cut to the heart of the issues in two specific races for the U.S. Senate between the Republican challengers and the incumbent liberal Democrats. It is an essential effort to support the Republican challengers as the NDBC views such support as a way of increasing the likelihood that Dr. Carson would seriously consider a campaign to run for the presidency in 2016. He has mentioned that a Republican controlled Senate after the 2014 elections would encourage him in his decision to make a run for President.

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