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Are you tired of Obamacare, constitutional violations, wreckless spending, overwhelming debt, and divisive political games from both sides of the aisle?

I know you are... and you are not alone!

Thousands of patriots, like you, are fighting against the status quo by joining the effort to draft Dr. Ben Carson for President.

Dr. Carson is the right choice for America. He is the only one who can win and he's the only one who can heal our Great Nation.

Last March, Dr. Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. With President Obama sitting only a few feet away, Dr. Carson exposed Obamacare for the fraud it is and spoke out against income redistribution and political correctness.

With that, Dr. Carson captured the imagination of the American people and became the instant frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.

Don't let the establishment pick the GOP nominee in 2016.

Instead, join the more than 250,000 Americans who are urging Dr. Ben Carson to run for President in 2016.

It's time to take America back!

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Petition to Dr. Ben Carson:

Dr. Carson,

You said that if the American people were still "clamoring" for you to run for President, you would seriously consider doing so. Well, I'm clamoring for you to run for President of the United States. We need a citizen statesman to lead our nation, not just politicians who see public office as a career.

As you have said, five Doctors signed the Declaration of Independence and played instrumental roles in leading our nation at great risk to themselves and their families. Today, America needs a President who is committed to the U.S. Constitution, who has solutions for our debt crisis, and who will bring harmony to our nation.

I believe you are that person. Please become a candidate for President of The United States.You can count on my support and prayers.


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